Skinny movie with hot Curly and Dayana Kamil

Of course, a job is important for earning a decent living, but it is very important to have fun. Well, Curly forgot about that rule a little bit but luckily Dayana Kamil comes to remind her that she should turn off the laptop and have some fun. First, Dayana Kamil treats Curly with some ice-cream but as they lick it with their hot tongues they decide to check if licking ice-cream from nice, beautiful, and real tits is sweeter or not. Yes, that’s sure tastes much yummier. Anyway, they put away ice-cream and let it melt on a table while they explore each other’s naked bodies with their curious fingers and tongues, of course. Finally, both Dayana Kamil and Curly are ready for something spicy. They choose to play with a pink sex toy by turns till they both get total satisfaction in their comfy bed.