Masturbation video with pretty Clara Trinity and Kimmy Kimm

Kimmy Kimm is preparing Clara Trinity to take over a long-time babysitting job for her when she leaves for a semester abroad. Since Clara is the younger sibling of her best friend, Kimmy’s excited to be able to leave her client in such good hands! She’s confident that Clara will do a great job, since she’s been so eager to please up to this point. That energy will come in handy…Just when it seems like the training is complete, Kimmy drops a bombshell on the unsuspecting Clara: one of the requirements for this gig is to show the woman of the house a little love on the side! Well, it’s not ACTUALLY a requirement but certainly a perk!Clara is shocked by the revelation. Even though she wants to do good by Kimmy, she admits that she’s nervous because she’s a virgin. What if she doesn’t have what it takes?? But that isn’t a problem because Kimmy is more than willing to take Clara’s training to the next level!