Kissing action with sexy Brandi Love and Lyra Law

Olivia (Lyra Law) is very nervous when she lays on the massage table. Tomorrow she’s joining a convent and she wants to experience a few things before she dedicates her life to God. This surprising revelation stuns Emma (Brandi Love). She is honoured that she has chosen her for this experience and she’s curious to learn more about what she has on her bucket list. Olivia smiles, she knows exactly want she means, Emma is curious about if she will have sex before she joins the convent. Unfortunately, Olivia doesn’t think she is capable to find the right partner to make it happen, but with Emma’s soft touch, Olivia lets herself go. She moans quietly when Emma’s fingers slightly touch her, and her body quivers when Emma’s tongue embraces her pussy. Together, they build a memory that Olivia will remember for the rest of her life.